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Spanish photographer Cristina Ramos develops her concepts through the process of storytelling. Fascinated by the duality of human nature–our tendency to individuality whilst remaining innately similar–her images move between fiction and reality, constructing imaginative narratives in which she explores the universal language of dreams. 


Playing at the edges of reality, Ramos’s surreal scenarios are often frozen in the moment just prior to or immediately following some unknown action or activity, like an unfinished sentence. This sense of ambiguity invites the viewer to look closer. Believing the camera to be not merely a tool limited to capturing reality, Ramos sees photography as a way to move closer to the inner self. In Ramos’s work, photography’s ability to materialise imagination is harnessed as a type of healing therapy, revealing us to ourselves and encouraging the use of emotional experiences to uncover inspiration in our own lives. As Ramos has said herself ”Art is a mirror for the creator and the observer.” 

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Cristina Ramos studied at C.E.S. Felipe Segundo, University of Madrid, Spain (2007-2010) and University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2010-2012). Selected solo and group exhibitions include; Visual Variations; Figurative to Abstract, NoonPowell Gallery, Notting Hill, London (2020); Affordable Art Fair, London, with NoonPowell (2019); Sensibilities of Belonging, NoonPowell, Mall Galleries, London (2018); Ethereal, Espace des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris (2018); 25 Anys de Premis Fotografias, Onda City Hall, Castellón, Spain (2018); Imaginarium, Uppsala Fotofestival, Uppsala Konsert and Kongress, Sweden (2017, solo); Konstsafari, Artists collective, Uppland, Sweden (2016); Dreamscape, Solo Exhibition, Galleri Uggla, Stockholm, Sweden (2015); XXII L´art de la Llum, National Photography, Onda City hall, Castellón, Spain (2015); and Paradise Now, Teatro La Macarena, Bogotá, Colombia, South America (2014).

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