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David R King studied at Wycombe Art College (1979-1982) and Harrow College of Art and Design, U.K., (1981-1984).

His often large-format photographic works celebrate the culture of cities and the decaying beauty of the built environment in surprisingly visceral colour.

King’s interest in photography began as an antidote to his earlier career as a designer and animator for film and television. His early works were made using a Pentax camera whilst walking the streets of London observing its various moods, energies, shapes and forms. Found objects and a concern for strong graphic composition dominate these early works; particularly the distressed, unnoticed and forgotten things of the urban landscape – sections of rusted metal, weathered billboard posters, discarded radios, the lines of buildings, a shaft of sunlight.

David King - profile photo_edited.jpg

King’s practice of walking, observing and collecting images, has extended to the streets of New York, Mumbai, Paris and Berlin. In these cities he has created documentary projects of industrial buildings, photographed musicians and performers and made hyper-detailed images capturing the intricacy and delicacy of hand-woven textiles, always with a concern for exploring the complexity of colour, from deep cobalt blues to warm magentas and fiery burnt oranges. 


More recently, he has begun to combine individual images from this vast archive of work; for example contrasting a grand Parisian staircase with elements of the graffitied walls and iron work from a bridge in Cologne, bringing together otherwise unrelated shapes, objects and locations. These composite semi-abstract large-format images are carefully printed onto fine cotton rag papers, the tactile quality of which imbues each work with the physicality of an object as opposed to the intangible nature of a picture on a screen.


David R King’s work has been shown at galleries and art fairs throughout the UK, including at Affordable Art Fair Spring (2022); NoonPowell Gallery, London (2021-22); Saatchi Other Art Fair, London (2020);  The Pound Arts Centre, Wiltshire (2020); 44ad Artspace, Bath (2020); Peacock ArtsTrail, Wiltshire, 10 day open-studio (2019); Glove Factory Studios (2019); The Art Bar, Bath (2019).

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