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Ferenc Cseh (b. Transylvania 1977) lives and works in Cambridge, U.K. He studied painting at College of Fine Arts, Targu Mures, Romania (1991-1995), and architecture at University of West Hungary, Sopron (2008-2011) and Kingston University, London (2019-2021).


Informed by his architectural background and an interest in the built environment, Cseh’s paintings are concerned with the ways in which complex geometric objects interact with and within space. He is intrigued by the possibilities of space and its alteration by animate and inanimate objects, particularly in regards to how our bodies interact with the urban landscape. 

Profile Pic - Ferenc Cseh_edited.jpg

Cseh’s most recent work uses transparent geometric shapes to explore the ways in which non-opaque objects might alter our perception of the spatial field. These paintings are executed in acrylic paint on canvas using a technique developed in the studio which allows him to render complex transparent geometric shapes with exacting precision.“The transparency of geometric shapes confers the object’s depth and three-dimensionality, giving the viewer the impression that the emerging shape is constantly moving, as if searching for its place in space.”


Ferenc Cseh has been included in numerous group exhibitions in Europe, U.S.A, and U.K., including Elizabeth James Gallery’s 2nd Birthday Art Exhibition, London (2018); The Minories Art Gallery, Colchester (2019); St Andrews Hall, Norwich (2019); Artbox Gallery Zurich, Switzerland (2019); Laguna Art Gallery, Orange County (2019); Contemporary and Country, A Fine Balance, Houghton Hall, Norfolk (2020), Daphne Francis Gallery, Birmingham (2020).

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