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Graham Fudger is a conceptual artist working in 3D and digital media.


BA and MA trained at the University of Westminster in London, he spent fifteen years as a portrait photographer and picture editor in the magazine industry post-graduation in a career spanning five continents, took the Man Booker longlist up on to Anthony Gormley’s Fourth Plinth and once supported REM during their UK tour as part of the Jazz Butcher group.


Graham’s sculptural and digital work considers the human experience in a shifting technological world. His latest trajectory, creating high-resolution digital works in an FX macro photography studio, draws influence from the fields of particle physics and the science of seeing. 


Graham Fudger 2 BW.JPG

The Quantum Field series explores the permeable membrane between the subliminal and the conscious mind, stimulating the visual cortex with images that are both sensory and semiotic, whilst testing the limits of chromatic adaptation through a range of experiments using graduated transitional hue. Drawing upon two centuries of colour theory, the series considers the mechanisms of visual perception, from the production of electromagnetic radiation through the process of nucleosynthesis at the heart of the sun to the sensory and neurological perceptions of the mind as a means of locating the human animal in space.


The series explores the multi-layered signifiers present in flowers in literal, analogical and metaphorical terms. Colours and forms are contrasted and related to create an extensive series comprising twelve giclée print editions on Hahnemühle fine art paper, a selection of wide-framed aluminium dibonds and a collector’s set of twelve 4K UHD videos constructed from a computer-generated assemblage of high-resolution stills.

Graham Fudger has been included in numerous international exhibitions and presentations, most recently the Concrete House collaboration at ARS Electronica (August 2021); CADAF Paris (2020); Doesn't Fly – as part of the 'elsewhere' experience off Dev Con 5 in Osaka (2019); Proof of Work – at the Digital & Electronic Arts group show Undercurrent at NN Contemporary Art (2019); and Disruputable - a contemporary dance collaboration (video) featuring Lynda Wood and Edward Benton-Bye (2015).

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