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Jennifer J L Jones

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Jennifer J L Jones was born in Virginia U.S.A. in 1971 and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois in 1994.


Her mixed media paintings are meditations on nature, both as corporeal reality and intangible spirituality. Working intuitively, she explores this dichotomy in large-scale gestural paintings which use naturally occurring patterns to investigate the emotional content associated with the natural world: flowers, sea shells, cloud formations, the grace of a falling leaf, a glass-topped lake or the form and scale of a mountain range. An expression not only of what is seen, but also felt, Jones’ paintings aim to capture a sense of change, time, and growth, phenomena which she considers to constitute the essence of life.



Jones’ work combines her love of nature with a passion for travel. She juxtaposes form, colour and line in multilayered paintings which reflect her emotional responses to the varied landscapes she visits. Every journey informs her process, providing not only subject material but also a means to fully comprehend, connect with and better understand the world. She describes her practice as a “life-quilt”, a reflection of her own odyssey and an oracle through which the observer might glimpse their own pilgrimage. Using a combination of mediums including multiple glazes and constantly varying the weight of her brushwork, Jones builds up layers of thickly applied paint creating a palimpsest of abstract organic forms. Each layer appears to shift beneath the next in bold but poetic and graceful movements. 


Her work has been presented in exhibitions throughout the United States and internationally including, Alan Avery (Atlanta, GA), New River Fine Art (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), Foley Gallery, (New York, NY), Besharat Gallery in partnership with the Taylor Foundation (Paris, France), NoonPowell Fine Art (London), Hillary Whitaker Gallery (Ponte Vedra, FL), and the Jacksonville International Airport.  Her works have also been presented at international art fairs such as the Affordable Art Fair (London, UK), Art Wynwood (Miami, FL), Concept Art Fair (Miami, FL) and Art Market Hamptons (Bridgehampton, NY). Her highly sought paintings can be found in many private and prestigious corporate collections worldwide including the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Oprah Winfrey/Harpo Studios, ScanaEnergy, the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal, and Burj Khalifa in UAE.


Most recently, Jones’ work has been featured in The Atlantan, Arbus Magazine, Savannah Magazine, and Voyage Savannah to name a few. This year, her paintings will be broadcast in the series ‘Class of ‘09’ on FX/Hulu.  Her highly anticipated upcoming solo exhibition, “Gentle Wild” is scheduled to open in February 2022 at New River Fine Art in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Jennifer J.L. Jones lives and works in Port Royal, South Carolina, USA.

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