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London-based artist Joanna Constable-Green was born in Kenya (1962), spent her early childhood in Zambia and, aged five, moved to London with her mother.  She studied initially at Central St Martins (1986-1987) and subsequently at Cheltenham School of Fine Art (1988-91), graduating with First Class Honours in Fine Art and Art History. Shortly thereafter, she was credited by the Sunday Times as being “Tipped for the Top” (head-hunted as the only degree student from Cheltenham) in conjunction with “The New Generation Exhibition” curated by London advertising guru John Simmons and the fashion designer / music manager Malcolm McLaren. The exhibition was held at Bonhams in Knightsbridge. 



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She began her professional career as Head Specialist Painter at Sudley Castle in Gloucestershire. Then alongside raising her children, she continued to develop her own practice and in more recent times has immersed herself in painting full-time. Her colourful naive-style landscape paintings have a story to tell. Whether these narratives are imagined or inspired by her own experiences, they convey a sense of romanticism, poetry and at times playfulness, clearly evident and relatable to the viewer. She draws inspiration from the French 19th and 20th Century painters, Monet, Gaugin, Bonnard, Matisse and, in a more contemporary context, Mary Fedden RA.

When not working in her studio, she travels to Britain’s coastal regions or in Europe, especially to France and Italy, drawing inspiration from and creating studies to later translate onto canvas from the many vistas she encounters. 


Joanna is a direct descendent of British painter John Constable.

Her work is held in many private collections and prior to being represented by NoonPowell gallery, her work was exhibited through her former agent, Lena Boyle, in the UK and internationally.

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