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Joanne Farley-Webb

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Joanne Farley-Webb (b.1973) studied painting at The Royal Academy Schools, London. Her otherworldly paintings form part of an ongoing intuitive enquiry into wellbeing and self-transformation, combining elements of non-Eurocentric wisdom practices, such as meditation and devotional teachings, with aspects of Euro-American painting traditions. 


Her practice is deeply-rooted in a spiritual and soul-led approach to creativity. Each work is part of a perpetual series of inwardly-focused metaphysical explorations using iridescent metallic mediums–resins and reflective particles which change with the light – to express cosmic or spiritual considerations. 


In recent paintings the canvas or wood is firstly stained then slowly filled with a dense composition of complex textual layers, intricate woven patterns, swirling forms and mandalas dotted with intricate metallic embellishments. Recent mixed media works created from moving streams of consciousness on thin recycled tissue paper and digital drawings, are simultaneously precise and organic. 

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Farley-Webb works closely with the health industry and her local community. A series of recent works were completed during the COVID pandemic as part of an Arts-On-Prescription project, an initiative funded by Arts Council England exploring art as medicine for transformation and wellbeing. 


She has been the recipient of numerous awards and sponsorships including; The Oppenheim Downes Trust Award (two years running); Barecacao workshop sponsor (2022); JP Perkins & Guild Lane workshop sponsor (2022); Arts Council England, Creative Metta Project (2020); Transmit Start-up Award, James Caan; The Eaton Trust Award; Landseer Travel Awards; Best Exhibition Award, Observer Guide Award for Strange Skin; Royal Academy of Arts, London (1998) and her work is included in numerous collections including PricewaterhouseCoopers; Bank of Hong Kong; Rocky Mountain College, USA;  NHS Trust Portsmouth hospital; The Dignum Trust; Billings Hospital and Boots Pharmaceutical Collection. Selected exhibitions include Wish You Here, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester (2019); Ninevah House, Arundel (2016); Stepping In, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester (2015); Little Wonders, St Annes Galleries, Lewes (2014). 

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