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Marc Bodie

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Marc Bodie was born in Newport, South Wales in 1966 and currently lives and works in Wiltshire, UK. 

Bodie's figurative sculptures and drawings possess an emotional intensity, drawing narratives from poetry, social and political concerns and a close study of the Old Masters. 


Often with his sculptural works, the apparent physical strength of his masculine figures belie the fragility and vulnerability of his subjects, giving a contrast of darkness and light; and of suffering and hopefulness. The sculptures are carved from stone or modelled using clay, then realised in bronze, bronze resin, reinforced concrete, concrete resin and, at times, incorporating rusted metal rods. 

Suggesting processes associated with natural growth and change, the figures often appear as if shaped by natural forces: bent by howling winds, carved by waves or twisted by geological movements. At other times the crouching, huddled forms suggest rocks, clouds and plants. This connection with nature is often informed by poetry, most recently by one of Bodie’s favourite poets, Dylan Thomas, whose keen sense of mortality is inextricably linked to natural forces, a strong and deep influence on Bodie’s approaches to form.





Figurative expressive drawing though, is Bodie's first love, and often used as a springboard to inform sculptural works. To the artist, drawing is the foundation for every aspect of his practice, be it quick gestural sketches or observed detail for a portrait or anatomical study. Complexity of emotions is the main driving force behind all he does, with Dutch Baroque painter, Rembrandt, having the most powerful influence on his work. Whether he is using charcoal, pastels or pens, by far the most important thing, is the emotional content of the work. Often with the use of self- portraiture, he explores and creates closely observed areas of detail, that move out into gestural mark making, enabling perhaps, the viewer to fill the gaps or engage their own story.


Marc Bodie has exhibited widely throughout the U.K. Recent group exhibitions include the Bath Society of Artists Exhibition, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath (2019); Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury with the Cotswold Sculptors Association ( 2020 & 2019); Gallery 21, Salisbury (2019); Christmas and New Year Show, Axel Arts, Bath (2019); Art Parks, Guernsey (2018); Gallery 21, Salisbury (2018); Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Axle Arts, Tasburgh House, Bath (2018); Group Show, Bath Contemporary, Bath (2017). His work is included in numerous private collections in the UK and abroad and has been purchased for corporate collections including Singer & Freidlander Merchant Bank, London.

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