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We are delighted to be representing the amazing Alexandra Eldridge. 


Alexandra Eldridge explores the great themes of life. With this present body of work, turn of the century plate glass negatives are a stage for her to interweave meaning.  See the collection of original work that we are proud to make available through NoonPowell gallery. We also have a selection of signed limited edition prints that will be showing soon on the artist's page - Click here to learn more and view her fabulous work!

Last chance ! to view our inaugural curated Christmas Online Exhibition.  A selection of original paintings, fine art photography, sculpture, three-dimensional artwork and limited edition prints. Exhibition closes on 5th January 2020.  Any works sold within the U.K include free shipping. 

Just before Christmas, we were thrilled to take delivery of a fantastic collection of original oil paintings and limited edition signed prints from Rick Stevens studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  See Rick Stevens page on our website to discover more about the artist and view some images of his stunning work.  Available to view by appointment with the gallery.

In the midst of his research fellowship at Merton College, Oxford, we are delighted and proud to welcome Kieran Stiles to the Gallery.


Six completely stunning oil on board works by Kieran Stiles are presented through the Gallery and available to view by appointment or purchase directly through the Gallery.

His evocative oil paintings fizzle with life and electric colour, with each work being a painterly expression of a particular place and moment in time.  A unique voice and authorship is ever-present with the way he layers his paint, superimposed with fractured mark-making, dashes, scores and splatters that ultimately capture an authentic spirit.  With his use of different surfaces, forms and textures he explores and provokes questions about how we can experience the visual landscape. The combination of different references and a rendering to abstract certain visualised elements makes it possible to move beyond visual reality to an 'inner reality' or essence of a place.

Kieran has exhibited his work regularly at highly regarded and well known art galleries in London's Mayfair and around the United Kingdom, whilst also teaching at the Ashmolean in Oxford and running his own painting courses. 

García de Marina's solo exhibition at Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg

García de Marina is currently showing a selection of his fantastic work at Flo Peters Gallery in Hamburg.  A Gallery that represents and shows some of the most influential and well-known photographers around the world.  The show opened on the 17th June and continues until the 27th July. 

The exhibition of his work shows the power of the imagination, where each idea, formulated from conceptualisation and minimalism, is presented as a colloquium between work and spectator, as an act through which the idea, embodied through symbolism, is contemplated through sight and deciphered in the mind of the viewer.  The objects used by the Spanish artist are usual, familiar and inanimate, with his work revolving around intuition, ideas, the surreal, and the world of the subconscious and dreams. 

García de Marina (Gijón, 1975), started to use objects as a form of expression in 2011. He has shown his work in different national and international events (Art Galleries, Art Fairs and Photography Festivals) at the Photo Week DC in Washington, Photo Romania Festival, Photometry Festival in Greece, Festival of Light in Argentina, Bucharest Photo Week, Addis Photo Fest in Ethiopia, Uppsala Fotofestival in Sweden , Yangon Photo Festival in Myanmar, New York Poetry Festival, Xposure International Photography Festival in the UAE and Belgrade Photo Month in Serbia.

In 2018 “Diálo2” at the Barjola Museum in Spain, was a show in which images created by García de Marina were exchanged with the works of one of the great Spanish visual poets of the 20th century, Joan Brossa. Very recently in 2019, he presented a  solo exhibition “The Unfinished Word” at the Cervantes Institute in Belgrade. 


García de Marina is represented by Gallery 133 (Canada), NoonPowell Fine Art (United Kingdom), Flo Peters Gallery (Germany), M Contemporary (Australia) and Bluerider Art Gallery (Taiwan).

For more information on available limited editions - please email or phone the gallery; details below.  Or you can browse through a selection of his work available on our website.

tel: +44 02 (0) 8747 0303

Gregory Mason joins NoonPowell Fine Art

Known for being a Finalist in Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 and Semi-Finalist in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2017.

NoonPowell Gallery now has a selection of work by the amazingly talented Gregory Mason.  Featuring on our website is a collection of figurative and landscape works. Viewings can be arranged by appointment with the gallery. See page: Gregory Mason - Landscapes  / Gregory Mason - Figurative and Portraiture

Cristina Ramos - featured artist on Artsy

The very talented fine art photographer Critstina Ramos has been selected as a featured artist during November 2018 on the global art platform Artsy

Cristina develops her photographic concepts through the creative process of storytelling. Her highly imaginative narrative sways between fiction and the real, whilst feeding into a language that explores what she sees as the poetry behind a form of collective consciousness. 


She's a wonderful emerging talent and one to watch!  One of her photographs, 'The Forest', pictured (detail), had a lot of attention at the Mall Galleries exhibition 'Sensibilities of Belonging' and editions of which were bought by many who were entranced by the narrative and imagination behind the image, including the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University. 

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