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'Avon Gorge - dusk'  oil 23_x31_.jpg


Peter McGrath

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Painting for Peter McGrath is a discipline and meditation on one's reaction to a world of visual sensations.


Figurative painting has the wonderful potential of not only highlighting the 'materiality' of the paint medium but at the same time allows the pigment to refer to something outside of itself - whether it be the human figure, landscape, portrait, still life etc.


With this in mind, McGrath retains (as much as possible) the physical evidence of the processes of painting. The inevitable scrapings, adjustments, layerings and glazes that take place during the making of the painting - traces of sustained looking - can then become pictorial elements in themselves.


When successful (despite oneself ?) the final picture has a kind of 'rightness' about it. There's a feeling that it could only ever have been painted the one way.

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