Artist: Bill Gingles

Title: 'Memory Garden'

Materials: acrylic on stretched canvas

Dimensions: 51 (h) x 61 (w) cm / 20 (h) x 24 (w) inches

Price: 1,950




To help alleviate concerns a purchaser may have when buying artwork unseen,  we offer a 14-day cooling-off period where artwork has not been viewed in person.  Once the artwork has been delivered to the purchaser, the 14-day period begins. During that time, the purchaser has the option to change their mind should the piece not meet their expectations. This does not apply to sculpture or commissioned work and does not apply to overseas purchases, although we are happy to discuss bespoke services. 

The artwork will then be returned to the gallery, which can either be by collection or shipped in the same way it was delivered. As long as the artwork is in the same condition that it left the gallery, a full refund is provided to the purchaser, without any penalties being added.  Packaging must be kept during this period, so that it can be used for returning the item.  Return shipment will be covered by the gallery unless otherwise indicated.




A certificate of authenticity and a valuation certificate is provided with all artwork purchased through NoonPowell Fine Art.  The certificate of authenticity may either be an artist’s certificate, where it is signed by the artist, or a gallery certificate where it is signed by the gallery.  These are for your records and for the artwork’s provenance.

Bill Gingles 'Memory Garden'

  • American artist Bill Gingles’ painting-based practice combines the intuitive, esoteric, and holistic aspects of Eastern thinking, with an interest in the materiality of paint and the processes of painting itself. Working intuitively, Gingles improvises a painterly search for spiritual synthesis through the elements of painting, a process he describes as “a moving balance between controlling the painting and allowing it to lead the way. The magic is in finding a way to let go.”

    More concerned with the language of colour, line, form, texture and symbolism than with representational images, pictorial space in Gingles’ paintings is composed with layers of thickly trowelled, scraped and scumbled paint and delicate layers of washed colour within which he arranges a vast array of abstract painterly motifs, including esoteric prims, medieval arched doorways, ladders, floral forms or ’life shapes’ signifying spirits or souls, tessellated grids, and spontaneous gestural marks. The arched doorways are an occasionally recurring motif which the artist sees as symbolic of portals between realms; places of transit from one level of consciousness to another. Given their tomb/womb symbolism, Gingles attributes these passage ways with a specifically feminine creative nature. The resulting paintings express the “dynamic equilibrium” of the immaterial realm, appearing as if caught in mid-evolution – in the process of becoming.

    For further details about the artist and to view other works in the collection, click here for the artist's page. 

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