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Artist: Rick Stevens

Title: 'Things are Relationships'

Edition # 22/50 fine art, signed and numbered limited edition prints

Materials: Archival cotton paper with archival pigmented inks

Meticulously matched to original painting in guidance by Rick Stevens

Authenticated by signed and numbered certificate

Dimensions: 81.5 (h) x 76.5 (w) cm / 32 (h) x 30 (w) inches (not including paper border)

Price: £870 (unframed)






To help alleviate concerns a purchaser may have when buying artwork unseen,  we offer a 14-day cooling-off period where artwork has not been viewed in person.  Once the artwork has been delivered to the purchaser, the 14-day period begins. During that time, the purchaser has the option to change their mind should the piece not meet their expectations. This does not apply to sculpture or commissioned work and does not apply to overseas purchases.

 The artwork will then be returned to the gallery, which can either be by collection or shipped in the same way it was delivered. As long as the artwork is in the same condition that it left the gallery, a full refund is provided to the purchaser, without any penalties being added.  Packaging must be kept during this period, so that it can be used for returning the item.  Return shipment will be covered by the gallery unless otherwise indicated.




A certificate of authenticity and a valuation certificate is provided with all artwork purchased through NoonPowell Fine Art.  The certificate of authenticity may either be an artist’s certificate, where it is signed by the artist, or a gallery certificate where it is signed by the gallery.  These are for your records and for the artwork’s provenance.

Rick Stevens 'Things are Relationships'

  • Rick Stevens was born in Sparta, Michigan and currently lives and works in New Mexico, United States. Stevens studied at Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan (1982), Kendall School of Design (1979-81) and Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, Michigan (1977-79). 

    Rick Stevens’ painting-based practice combines an interest in nature and science, with a mystical approach to abstraction that moves beyond the constraints of direct representation, to produce revelatory expressions of his experiences of the natural world. Working intuitively, Stevens’ work is influenced by Eastern philosophies, the notions of uncertainty and flux associated with Quantum Physics. As well as the Nineteenth-Century American writers Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, whose philosophy of Transcendentalism proffered intuition over logic and espoused a deep appreciation for nature. 

    Exploring the possibilities of colour, light, texture and space, and harnessing the potential of painterly accidents, Stevens has described his working process as a matter of “projecting intention, then letting go of fixed ideas.”  He interprets the landscape with varying degrees of abstraction, using a variety of media including oil paint, oil stick, wax, gold leaf, sand, gauze and burlap. Often working directly in the landscape, to which he attributes a particular energy and intelligence, Stevens has developed a visual vocabulary of shapes and patterns derived from the natural world but which also suggest something beyond the visible.

    For further details about the artist and to view other works in the collection, click here for the artist's page. 

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