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Argentine artist, Renatta, was born in Buenos Aires in 1979. 


Her passion for art began when she was very young and at the age of 17 she painted a mural in Santos Lugares, her home town, before receiving a certified diploma from critically acclaimed novelist, essayist and painter, Ernesto Sábato. She then went on to study graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires and then ‘Ontological Coaching’, specialising in emotional management, with her thesis based on ‘How to redesign an emotion through art’.

From an unusually young age, Renatta began exhibiting her work in galleries in Argentina, USA, Singapore, China and the UK, with her work in the permanent collections of the Argentine embassies in Singapore, London and Los Angeles.

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Renatta can be described as a contemporary abstract expressionist: an artist influenced by authentic and raw emotion, heralding an approach which is existential with a desire to draw the viewer into her world, or as she puts it, “...not to dazzle the soul but to bring about thoughts and feelings about the meaning of existence”. Her subject matter is nature: the stars, earth, trees and water. She works in an almost alchemizing way, letting the paint drip through her fingers and knowing instinctively which colours and mediums to use, to achieve her objective on the canvas. Turquoise or blue rivers appear and subtle tones sit amongst energetic and swirling brushstrokes, leaving alone the spontaneous or slightly governed to make its way across the surface. She uses a mixture of different colours and mediums, including quartz sand, to achieve the palette and texture she desires, and in so doing, creates compositions that are both visually arresting and contemplative.


Her work has been exhibited and represented by galleries across the world, including: La Bottega Gallery, Laguna Beach; Gallery 612, Santa Monica; Pado Gallery, Los Angeles; Masters of Fine Art, Miami; Living With Art Gallery, Singapore; Espacio Enso, Bueno Aires; Yudian Gallery, Hong Kong and China; The International Museum of Disability, Maria Kodama; and Zari Gallery, London. Her recent solo shows include: Expel, Espacio Enso, Buenos Aires; Seismic, Los Angeles; Emerge, Gallery 1819, Singapore; After the Coup, Palacio Barolo, Buenos Aires; The Transformation of Being, Zari Gallery, London; Latin American Art, Zari Gallery, London. Selected recent group shows include: Design Shanghai, China; Art in Heritage, Buenos Aires; American Club, Singapore; The Highlights, Pado Gallery, Los Angeles. Her work is also in the permanent collection at the Savoy Hotel, Buenos Aires.

Renatta’s work is held in many private and public collections around the world.

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