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Roberta Tetzner

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Born in Hong Kong, Roberta Tetzner spent her childhood growing up in Amsterdam and the U.K.  After leaving school she went on to study languages, before beginning her art training and studies at Wimbledon College of Art, London and Anglia College, Cambridge. Tetzner completed her education with an MA in Illustration and Editorial Design at Brighton University.


Tetzner’s work centres around the immediacy of a moment in the natural world, exploring what she sees within the fragment of a setting. More often than not this involves the allure of water within the landscape.  This focus may resolve from a scene of a lake or river, with surrounding and sometimes abstracted flora and vegetation being worked into the composition using painterly organic shapes and forms.  A dream-like and magical quality exists, in her depiction of known or remembered places that awaken feelings of serenity. With her love of the alchemy of paint, she often uses pastel blues and yellows, mixing it with other materials, such as inks, dusts, watercolour and pencil.


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Ultimately Tetzner looks to  evoke a visceral reaction. With her present collection she explores the uplifting effect of light on water, with a focus on impressionistic colour sweeps, that appeal to our most primal reaction to the aesthetics of a peaceful place. Allowing for a longer gaze, that ordinarily may be fleeting, creates opportunity for the onlooker to pause, reflect and dream; a presence in time, that leaves behind the before and resists the after.


Tetzner is inspired by Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh and Pierre Bonnard and modern painters such as Ivon Hitchens and Helena Frankenthaler. She works full-time from her studio in Oxfordshire and her work has been exhibited extensively in both solo and group exhibitions abroad and in the U.K. Her work is held in private collections in the U.K and across the world including the U.S.A, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and Spain. 

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