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This weekend saw Suzi Morris holding a solo exhibition at this year’s annual Imperial Festival.

28th - 29th April 2018

Suzi Morris was invited by Professor Charles Bangham, Head of Immunology at Imperial College, London, to hold a solo exhibition of her work at this year’s annual Imperial Festival. Vicky Brightman, Head of Public Engagement organised the event, which saw the first-ever staging of a solo art exhibition during the festival, which now annually attracts around 20,000 visitors. Whilst NoonPowell Fine Art curated the show. 

The exhibition drew huge crowds and many visitors jostled to have photographs taken whilst standing beside her work.  I became a witness to a seduction, not only because of the aesthetic beauty of her craftsmanship, but also the unrelenting fascination in the discourse that underpins it. Morris’ oil paintings resonate so poetically with the most exciting scientific discoveries of our time.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 14.34.54.png

Morris describes her work and its juxtaposition with science with such clarity in this video, you cannot fail to be awe-struck, not only with her vision but also how the oils and each stroke of her paint brush has a symbiotic correlation with a deeper and more philosophical approach and meaning of where art and science co-exist and collide. 


Following her solo exhibition, Morris will be undertaking a residency at Imperial College and we cannot wait to see the wonders that will be created within the walls of one of the most important institutes of science in the world.

Join us whilst we follow Morris during her residency, with updates in our forthcoming newsletters and the newsfeed on our website.

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