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Affordable Art Fair's major spring edition

is coming round again

 looking forward to seeing you there !

6 - 10 March 2024

Private View 5 March 5-9pm

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gallery : +44 (0)20 3971 1910

Affordable Art Fair


8 - 12  May

Details will be updated soon

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New artworks by

Rick Stevens and Alexandra Eldridge

13th - 15th October 

Stand 07

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gallery telephone number: +44 (0)20 3971 1910

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19-22nd October 2023

Private View 18th October 5-9pm

NoonPowell Stand J3

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gallery : +44 (0)20 3971 1910

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CSI / Design Expo Europe 

London ExCeL

29-30th November 2023

NoonPowell Stand 625



gallery : +44 (0)20 3971 1910

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11th - 14th May

NoonPowell Stand J6

 Enquiries on artworks shown at fair: / tel: +44 020 3971 1910

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Stand G7

9th - 12th March 


gallery telephone number: +44 (0)20 3971 1910


In Homage to Gericault .jpeg


In Homage to Géricault, mixed-media on canvas


Solo Exhibition

'Archetypes and Allegory'

NoonPowell Gallery, Notting Hill

First Floor, 136 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QU

Thursday 10th November - Wednesday 30th November  2022

Private View:

Wednesday 9th November, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Artist in attendance


Press Release:

We are delighted to present Canadian artist Mark Thibeault's debut solo exhibition in London, with a curated collection of his fascinating and aesthetically strong works from the recent series 'Archetypes and Allegory'.

This series is inspired by an intense exploration of classical and historic paintings where Thibeault draws on certain tropes, figuration, architectural language, colour and mood to create rich and expressive tapestries of abstraction.

The exhibition will feature several original works both on canvas and paper. All paintings included in the exhibition will be for sale. A price list is available on request or at the exhibition.


The Consolation of Trees, Angela Summerf


The Consolation of Trees, oil on canvas, 80 x 120 cm





A contemporary art exhibition to coincide with the Queen’s Green Canopy, taking place at NoonPowell gallery

First Floor, 136 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QU


Exhibition dates: 7th October - 5th November 2022 

Private View: Thursday 6th October 7pm-9:30pm

Artist in attendance


Exhibition enquiries:


‘Tree Lives: a Celebration of our Green Canopies,’ is a solo exhibition of 19 stunning oil paintings, prints and drawings by the Gloucestershire-based artist, Dr Angela Summerfield, organised by the international London gallery, NoonPowell Fine Art.


The arboreta and woodlands of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire are the source of inspiration for many of the works on display. Angela also draws on her own parkland-style garden of 65+ trees, which are part of a late 19th-century arboretum.


Dr Angela Summerfield is a well-known authority on both art and trees. In 2019 she was invited to speak on behalf of The Woodland Trust, as part of The Times and Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.


Angela trained as a Fine Art oil painter and printmaker at the University of Leeds, followed by an MA in Art History from the Courtauld Institute and a PhD in Art History and Curatorship from City University, London. Angela is also a member of The Tate British Art Network: Landscape Subgroup. Alongside her arts practice, she has worked as a senior curator at The Royal Academy of Art, London, and as an art critic for The Spectator magazine.


Angela’s work is the outcome of many years of research into art history, art materials, and colour and light theories applied to painting. She is actively engaged in developing original contemporary categories for landscape painting, which explore experiences of the rural and natural environments

GALLERY / OFFICE TEL: +44(0)20 3971 1910 

MOBILE: Rachael (Gallery Director & Curator) +44 (0)7960 155624

ADDRESS: First Floor, 136 Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1QU


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Stand G6

Affordable Art Fair - Autumn

Battersea, London 

20-23rd October 2022


She Wears the Sea - high Res. 7_edited.j


She Wears the Sea, mixed-media on canvas, 100 x 145 cm


Solo Exhibition

'Underwater Woman'

NoonPowell Gallery, Notting Hill

London, W11

Thursday 8th September - Saturday 24th September 2022

Private View - Wednesday 7th September


Press Release:

NoonPowell Fine Art is delighted to present Underwater Woman, Czech artist Andrea Ehret’s first solo exhibition in London.


In this exhibition, Ehret presents a new series of singularly expressive mixed-media paintings and delicate works on paper, in which the artist explores journeys of reconnection-with-self, through the harnessing of memories, metaphor and subconscious symbolism.


A concern for self-rejuvenation and authentic expression underlies this body of work in which Ehret draws on her own sense of femininity, as well as broader feminine archetypes, Jungian psychology and Greek mythology.


Vivid explosions of colour and gestural brushstrokes are interlaced with Sumi-ink and subtly reflective tones to create uniquely expressive paintings which are at once ethereal, intense, therapeutic and healing.


Andrea Ehret’s work has been exhibited internationally in numerous solo  and group exhibitions since 2001, including her recent show Colours of Light, at the State Gallery Spejchar in the Czech Republic.  Her work is held in private collections across Europe, and also in the United States, Australia and the UAE, and has appeared in many publications across the world, including; Flux Review Art Magazine, Visionary Art Collective, NYC,  and Art Maze Mag - Dubai.


Solo Exhibition

'Between Us'

Exhibition dates: 30 June - 17th July 2022

The tethering of entities, the deepest of intimate connections, the bonds that are made, the synergy of being. Relationships are subtly and quietly formed, over time the connection becomes part of us. No longer alone, we are stronger yet also profoundly more vulnerable.


This body of work explores that connection between us, its ability to have a very physical impact on us, while it remains intangible. Through images that help us consider relationships in different ways, intimate relationships, friendships or parent and child, the sense of connection or absence of connection is omnipresent.  

The colours, textures and images hint at the profound power and intensity of our need for connection: the brightness and saturation supporting an experience of the influence of emotions: the depth of layering hinting at the complexity these relationships bring: the fluidity, mistakes, gestures and abstraction within the work attempting to frame the chaos and uncontrollability of changes and dynamics taking place between us.

NoonPowell Gallery, Notting Hill, London W11


Tel: Gallery +44 020 3971 1910

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Affordable Art Fair-Hampstead


10th Anniversary Edition

5th-8th May 2022

Stand F5


 Affordable Art Fair-Spring

Battersea, London

10th -13th March 2022

Stand G5

Previous Shows

Angela Summerfield_'Towards a Kinder Form of Nature (1),' oil on linen, (unframed) 80x80cm


Towards a Kinder Form of Nature

Oil on canvas


I have not yet lost a feeling of wonder, and of delight, that the delicate motion should reside in all the things around us, revealing itself only to him who looks for it.’


Edmund Burke

Group Exhibition

11th November - 23rd December 2021


Press Release

‘Experience of Wonder: Wonderment’ is the first in a series of concept-based exhibitions organised by NoonPowell Fine Art, with guest curator and artist, Dr Angela Summerfield (a member of the International Association of Art Critics, AICA). This group exhibition brings together a selection of international and UK contemporary painters, photographers and digital media artists represented by NoonPowell Fine Art. These include Alexandra Eldridge, Daniel Freaker, Graham Fudger, Angela Summerfield, Claire Milner, Suzi Morris, García de Marina, Rick Stevens, Will Solomon and Peter Moore.

‘Experience of Wonder: Wonderment’ is in two formats: a digital on-line exhibition and a smaller gallery-based show. An additional feature of this show is the book ‘Radiant Tarot’ by the artist Alexandra Eldridge and Tony Barnstone, Professor of Poetry at Whittier College, California, which has its USA launch at the Rizzoli book store, New York, on 3rd November. Copies of ‘Radiant Tarot’ will also be available to purchase at the exhibition, a small collection of which will be accompanied by a signed card by the artist.  

Find Hope In The Elements,Lower Res.  Detail3.JPG

Find Hope in the Elements (detail)

NoonPowell Gallery

Private View Evenings

136 Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 1QU
6th-8th October 2021

 +44 (0)20 3971 1910



Affordable Art Fair
Stand C1

Spring 2020. 

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Affordable Online Art Fair

9th April - 3rd May 2021


Christmas Exhibition 2020

2nd December - January 6th 2021

Notting Hill Gallery and Online

Original paintings, sculpture, photography and limited edition prints from our international stable of artists, as well as a collection of 20th Century Master lithographs and etchings.  

Location: 136 (First Floor) Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1QU

Visual Variations Figurative to Abstract

'Visual Variations: Figurative to Abstract'

21st October - 29th November 2020

NoonPowell Fine Art

136 (First Floor) Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, London, W11.


Original painting, sculpture, photography and limited edition prints.

Exhibition: Visual Variations: Figurative to Abstract


Of all the theoretical posturing and art world debates of the last hundred years, none was more vigorously contested than the face-off between figurative and abstract art. Figurative art, then, as now, was often discussed in opposition to abstraction - art which does not seek to re-present a recognisable image of reality but rather uses shape, colour, form and texture to invent new ways of expressing ideas and emotions. Where does this debate lie now? This exhibition explores various approaches to art making from figuration to abstraction through the work of British, European and American contemporary artists working in both two and three dimensions. It asks how these apparently separate approaches might be interrelated, how the dividing line between the two might be more porous and fluid than first thought and considers each artist’s unique way of approaching the depiction of individual lived experiences.

Summer Show promo pic.jpg

NoonPowell’s online group summer exhibition - 23rd June, extended to 31st July, brought together artists whose work speaks in varied ways to the complex feelings associated with confinement as well as the sense of release and celebration as summer and relative freedoms returned. Encompassing painting, sculpture and photography,  the works included explore a variety of subjects and contexts spanning the relationship between paint, colour and lived experience; the built environment; the landscape; renewal, meditation and self care; reconnecting with nature; visual perception; memory; the confluence of science and art.

Artists include, (a-z), Simon Bacon, Gordon Ellis-Brown, Alexandra Eldridge, Bill Gingles, Emilie Heurtevent,

Jo Holdsworth, Daniel Holfeld, García de Marina, Colin McCallum, Lorraine Molins, Pandora Mond, Peter Moore,

Suzi Morris, Dido Powell, Christina Ramos, Andrew Revell, Andrew Ryder, Rick Stevens, Kieran Stiles,

Roberta Tetzner, Mark Thibeault, Lorraine Thorne.


Affordable Art Fair - Spring

Battersea, London

12-15 March 2020 



Christmas Online Exhibition 

12 December 2019 - 5th January 2020

A curated exhibition of paintings, sculpture, fine art photography and three-dimensional artwork by some of the most exciting artists working in Britain, Europe and America.


Affordable Art Fair

Hampstead, London

9-12th May 2019

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Affordable Art Fair - Spring

Battersea, London

7th-10th March 2019

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