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Angela Summerfield_'Towards a Kinder Form of Nature (1),' oil on linen, (unframed) 80x80cm

Towards a Kinder Form of Nature

Angela Summerield


I have not yet lost a feeling of wonder, and of delight, that the delicate motion should reside in all the things around us, revealing itself only to him who looks for it.’


Edmund Burke


Exhibition dates

11th November - 23rd December 2021

Private View

10th November 6:30pm - 9:30pm


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‘Experience of Wonder: Wonderment’ is the first in a series of concept-based exhibitions organised by NoonPowell Fine Art, with guest curator and artist, Dr Angela Summerfield (a member of the International Association of Art Critics, AICA). This group exhibition brings together a selection of international and UK contemporary painters, photographers and digital media artists represented by NoonPowell Fine Art. These include Alexandra Eldridge, Daniel Freaker, Graham Fudger, Angela Summerfield, Claire Milner, Suzi Morris, García de Marina, Rick Stevens, Will Solomon and Peter Moore.

‘Experience of Wonder: Wonderment’ is in two formats: a digital on-line exhibition and a smaller gallery-based show. An additional feature of this show is the book ‘Radiant Tarot’ by the artist Alexandra Eldridge and Tony Barnstone, Professor of Poetry at Whittier College, California, which has its USA launch at the Rizzoli book store, New York, on 3rd November. Copies of ‘Radiant Tarot’ will also be available to purchase at the exhibition, a small collection of which will be accompanied by a signed card by the artist.  



Private View Evenings
6th, 7th & 8th October
6pm - 9pm


We are now open from 11am - 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday, with late night opening every Thursday until 8pm.

To celebrate opening our gallery in Notting Hill, of which we couldn't do last year, we held a series of private views evenings.


6th -8th  October 2021 

 6pm - 9pm

 +44 (0)20 3971 1910


Find Hope In The Elements,Lower Res.  Detail3.JPG

Find Hope in the Elements (detail) Sebastian Merk


Stand C1 from our international roster of award-winning artists at the first 'in real life'

Affordable Art Fair in London since Spring 2020. 

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Affordable Online Art Fair

9th April - 3rd May 2021


Christmas Exhibition 2020

2nd December - January 6th 2021

Notting Hill Gallery and Online

Original paintings, sculpture, photography and limited edition prints from our international stable of artists, as well as a collection of 20th Century Master lithographs and etchings.  

Location: 136 (first floor) Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, London W11

Visual Variations Figurative to Abstract

'Visual Variations: Figurative to Abstract'

21st October - 29th November 2020

NoonPowell Fine Art

136 (first floor) Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, London, W11.


Original painting, sculpture, photography and limited edition prints.

Exhibition: Visual Variations: Figurative to Abstract


Of all the theoretical posturing and art world debates of the last hundred years, none was more vigorously contested than the face-off between figurative and abstract art. Figurative art, then, as now, was often discussed in opposition to abstraction - art which does not seek to re-present a recognisable image of reality but rather uses shape, colour, form and texture to invent new ways of expressing ideas and emotions. Where does this debate lie now? This exhibition explores various approaches to art making from figuration to abstraction through the work of British, European and American contemporary artists working in both two and three dimensions. It asks how these apparently separate approaches might be interrelated, how the dividing line between the two might be more porous and fluid than first thought and considers each artist’s unique way of approaching the depiction of individual lived experiences.

Summer Show promo pic.jpg

NoonPowell’s online group summer exhibition - 23rd June, extended to 31st July, brought together artists whose work speaks in varied ways to the complex feelings associated with confinement as well as the sense of release and celebration as summer and relative freedoms returned. Encompassing painting, sculpture and photography,  the works included explore a variety of subjects and contexts spanning the relationship between paint, colour and lived experience; the built environment; the landscape; renewal, meditation and self care; reconnecting with nature; visual perception; memory; the confluence of science and art.

Artists include, (a-z), Simon Bacon, Gordon Ellis-Brown, Alexandra Eldridge, Bill Gingles, Emilie Heurtevent,

Jo Holdsworth, Daniel Holfeld, García de Marina, Colin McCallum, Lorraine Molins, Pandora Mond, Peter Moore,

Suzi Morris, Dido Powell, Christina Ramos, Andrew Revell, Andrew Ryder, Rick Stevens, Kieran Stiles,

Roberta Tetzner, Mark Thibeault, Lorraine Thorne.


Spring Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London

Fair dates - 12-15 March 2020 



Christmas Online Exhibition 

12 December 2019 - 5th January 2020

A curated exhibition of paintings, sculpture, fine art photography and three-dimensional artwork by some of the most exciting artists working in Britain, Europe and America.


Affordable Art Fair - Hampstead, London

9-12th May 2019

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Affordable Art Fair 

Battersea - Spring, 7th - 10th March 2019

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Presented and curated by NoonPowell Gallery in September 2018, an exciting and innovative contemporary group exhibition,  which explored the themes of belonging and place. Large-scale original oil paintings were showcased alongside fine art photography, abstract, figurative and three-dimensional works, mostly drawn from our stable of 12 practicing artists. The exhibition took place at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1, in their main exhibition space and drew much praise from both the Mall Galleries and visitors alike. 

'ABODE: 6 Park Place Villas'
1 - 2 February 2018

NoonPowell Gallery brought together six award-winning contemporary painters for a group exhibition and staged the show in a large Victorian villa. The unique setting evoked ideas of home and belonging.


Professor Jean Wainwright - art historian, critic and Professor of Contemporary Art who visited the show said, "...Used the space so well and really great use of the rooms with the challenges of the domestic setting. Well done. Difficult to do well and you have done it brilliantly. Some wonderful paintings."